1.2 Video Teaching 1 : Kabir and Ritama talk about their Energy Sensitivity

Kabir Jaffe and Ritama Davidson, founder of Energy Balancing Institute and Psychology of Enlightenment, talking about Energy and Energy Sensitivity.

Kabir: I am Kabir Jaffe.
Ritama: I am Ritama Davidson.
Kabir: We are the founders of Energy Balancing.
Ritama: We just finished publishing a book called ‘Your ENERGY in ACTION!’ and we also launched the Energy Balancing Institute.

Kabir: In 1975, energy awoke in me. I had what you could call an energy explosion. I had gone to a workshop on Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and we were doing these exercises where you kind of move energy back and forth, and something just exploded in me. It was incredible. Suddenly I could feel energy, I could see energy, and energy was burning in me like something I had ignited on fire. I didn’t sleep for almost three weeks. I was living in the mountains where there was snow; it was winter and I was walking around in a tee-shirt, I was so hot.

After about three weeks, the intensity of that experience diminished but I was fundamentally different. I entered the energy world. I could see it, I could perceive it, I could feel it in myself, I could feel it in another people, and my life was irrevocably different. Since that time, you know, I’d explored energy, I’d studied it in different forms, and what I realized was that energy was really taught in three ways.

It was taught in the Tai Chi, in the martial arts, it was taught in energy psychology, and it was taught as a form of healing where healers worked with energy in their hands, in their body to heal, and what we felt we wanted to bring to people was energy for daily living. That when I am talking to somebody, when I am relating, when I am sitting at my computer, when I am driving my car, there are energy dynamics at work, and that by becoming aware of energy and how it is functioning in normal life, I can then make energy work much better for me.

Ritama: Energy opened up for me when I got a call from a client to give her a session and she was a cancer patient. So, I wasn’t able to do any on-body work on her, so, I was using my skill, my shiatsu energy skill to work energetically on her and then something else started to take off. Some intuition came to start moving energy and afterwards she felt fantastic. And so I kept doing that for her. But the only thing I noticed that every time I finished with her and she feels fantastic, I started to feel drained. My tongue started to swell up as if my immune system was telling me ‘hey, there’s something not right here’. So, that became then my search for understanding energy better. At the same time it also showed me the power of energy and energy work.

Kabir: We often use words like vibes or chemistry to describe our feeling and how the interaction is with other people. The moment you understand energy, it’s like an X-ray inside into those vibes, into that chemistry because you could see very clearly what actually is happening in yourself, in the other, and the energies that are at play between you.

The exercises that we are going to be teaching you in this video today and in further videos give a very solid foundation in helping you become energy sensitive, becoming aware of energy, understanding energy and being able to use energy.