2.2 Video Teaching 2: We pick up Energetic Debris unconsciously

Kabir: Energy is substance. When a person is thinking there is a cloud of mental energy that comes out of their mind. When a person is in emotion there is a cloud of emotional energy that comes out of their energy field. When you are around machines, there are electrical energies and frequencies that are emitted by those machines. Think of energy as substance and that substance gets transferred between one person and the next. That substance can sit in a room, that a substance attaches itself to things, to objects.

So, the technique of dusting is designed to remove that energetic debris from your energy field. The technique itself is very simple. We will show it to you in just a moment. What it does is it kind of takes that stuff off and it lets your own energy start expanding and coming back to yourself again. You start being you and being natural.

Ritama: I’d gone to the hospital for an appointment with a doctor. I had to wait for a while in the waiting room and you all know how that goes. And that was pleasant; there wasn’t anything with stress, so, when I arrived home, and I was very grumpy and angry, I didn’t understand what was going on. Kabir just took one look at me and he said, ‘Come outside’, and he started dusting, dusting my energy field. Immediately I felt like I could breathe better. I felt so much more ease and like a weight has fallen off me. Every time again and again when something like that happens, we realize the power of energetic dust that collects on you. And, you know, you think you are just feeling bad and you are feeling awful, but we don’t realize all the things that we pick up.

Kabir: We are going to cover three types of dusting in this video. The first will be what we call – quick dusting. That’s when you are just not feeling good and you just want to move your energy and just kind of get yourself back up on your feet. That might be 30 seconds, 10 seconds.

The second is going to be a more in-depth dusting in which we are going to teach you the science behind dusting; we are going to teach you how to prepare yourself more effectively so that you are really in the best space to make the tools of dusting work. We are going to teach you about dust itself – where it comes from, how it accumulates, and how it gets removed.

And then the third kind of dusting we are going to look at is what we’d call – dusting in the market place. It’s what you can do when you are in a public situation, and you don’t want to look totally strange to the people around you and yet you need to do something to dust your energy. And these are tools that you can dust and clean and nobody will know what you are doing.