5.2 Video Teaching 5: The magic FEBE live

Let me introduce you to an energy balancing exercise that we call FEBE. It is an abbreviation for Full Energy Balancing Exercise (spoken like "fiebie") and it’s a simple three-minute succession of movements that covers all four directions of energy flow. In just three minutes you start creating alignment and feel uplifted. And furthermore, the FEBE supports you to charge your energy system and to center yourself. The FEBE has ten steps and I would like to talk about the deeper meaning of each step.

Step 1 centers us and brings our energies in.

Step 2 grounds us and brings our energies in the here and now.

Step 3 lifts our energies up to create the alignment and awaken our heart.

Step 4 opens our energy outwards to expand, to share ourselves.

Step 5 brings our energies back in to be able to receive.

Step 6 lifts our energies to the crown and above, to the higher.

Step 7 opens ourselves with the energies that we have evoked.

Step 8 brings them down, grounds us; we embody them.

Step 9 awakens the heart again.

Step 10 come back to center; the center more alive, clear, with more defined energy field.

So, let’s do it together. We begin slow first, so you get more used to the succession and then we continue in a better flow.

Let’s start by coming to center. Place your hands on our heart and take a few breaths. Bring you awareness in. Now inhale and ground yourself. Lift your energies up to the heart, open out, come back to yourself and then lift yourself up to the higher. Now open the higher and ground it. Lift it up again, share your heart and then come back to yourself. Receive. Lift up and bring whatever you evoked, down, grounding it. Up, out, in, up, open, ground. One more time: up, out, come back to center. Lift the energies up, open, bring it down. Lift up and rest in center. If you like, close your eyes and take a moment to take note of your center. And then come back again.

Imagine doing the FEBE three times a day. Your awareness or your own energy will grow so fast, and you feel your core building up strength every time you do the FEBE. As Ritama was talking about the ways we tend to loose our center, you now can apply what you have learnt about yourself through the FEBE.

  • If you feel yourself sluggish, heavy, tired, emphasize the upward movement – the lifting up of energies.
  • When you tend to leave your body, being too mental or day dreaming, bring the energies back down. Consciously ground yourself, breathing down.
  • If you lose yourself to your front by doing or caring or you are just spun up, relax into the inward movement. Just enjoy bringing yourself back to your center.
  • And if you feel caught in yourself, contracted, pulling back into distress or shyness, enjoy the expansion that comes with the forward movement, sharing the beauty of what you bring.