10.4 Video: Demos of the 3 Main Violations Overwhelm - Control - Sucking

Margaretha and Sonia demonstrate 3 Main Violations: Emotional Overwhelm - Control Violation - Energetic Sucking

1. Demo of Energetic Violation 'Overwhelm'

Sonia (very excitedly): Oh, Margaretha, it’s so great to see you, I haven’t seen you in ages! It’s been so long! How have you been?

Margaretha (less enthusiastic than Sonia): It’s great to see you too, Sonia.

Experience as person being violated
Kabir: Okay, and Margaretha, as a person being violated what did you experience?
Margaretha: I felt happy to see her, but in a way, she took my breath away. I just felt like overwhelmed, I felt like I didn’t have space. Even now I can’t breathe.
Kabir: And from an energetic perspective, from an aura perspective, what did you experience your energy body doing.
Margaretha: Oh, she was coming so closely, I felt myself actually pulling back more and more. I could feel losing my center and even thought I was kind of even more up, kind of leaving my body, really behind myself.

Experience as person violating the other’s space
Kabir: And Sonia, as the enthusiastic greeter, what did you experience?
Sonia: Well, the first moment, I really felt great to see her, I was so happy and excited but then when, you know like, I stop and you ask me what I actually feel now is … I feel tense in my chest; I feel a little bit uncomfortable actually, not so happy anymore.
Kabir: What would you say the ‘uncomfortability’ is?
Sonia: It was like, I was too much like going out of myself, I was just like being all over her and kind of losing myself.
Kabir: So, in a way, your chakras, your emotional enthusiasm, violated your own energy body.
Sonia: Absolutely, yes.
Kabir: And then can you describe the state of your energy body in the moment of enthusiasm towards her?
Sonia: Yeah, I feel that my field goes way in front of myself, so I push out and I lose my center, so I energetically have this forward movement, and my chakras go way out of myself here.
Margaretha: And I would like to add that I could feel myself tense up; I was happy but at the same time, I didn’t feel free to respond; I felt contracted; I didn’t feel comfortable.
Kabir: Perfect.

2. Demo of Energetic Violation 'Control'

Sonia: Margaretha, would you please take that presentation and finish it up until three o’clock today?

Margaretha: Okay...

Experience as person being violated
Kabir: Margaretha, how are you feeling in this moment?
Margaretha: I feel yanked. I feel like I have no choice. I have to do it. I feel willed.
Kabir: Is it a nice feeling to feel willed?
Margaretha: No. I feel she kind of grabbed my solar plexus, my will center, it kind of yanked me around in a direction that I don’t want to go to.

Experience as person violating the other’s space
Kabir: And Sonia, what did you experience yourself doing?
Sonia: You know in the first moment it gives you a feeling of power, you know, like you feel strong, you feel like … yeah, you feel powerful, but underneath I was feeling actually it is nearly painful because I do something that I feel I violate her and my heart feels sad.
Margaretha: And I feel even that I collapse underneath. I am willing to do it; she wants me to do it but my own … well, my own power is kind of depleted afterwards.
Kabir: I know with many people rebel comes up when they get willed. Did your rebel come up or you just in that moment just kind of more collapsed and gave the power away?
Margaretha: Well, actually in that moment she was so powerful I couldn’t even feel my rebel. I am quite sure its there but I was kind of stunned. I was kind of even … you know, I couldn’t think properly.
Kabir: Okay.

3. Demo of Energetic Violation 'Sucking'

Margaretha: Sonia, it was great talking to you. I’m so sorry, but I have an appointment. I need to go.

Sonia: Do you know, I have one thing that I really want to share with you. It isn’t going to take long, just stay one more minute.

Margaretha: It’s already 11 o’clock.

Sonia (with a lowered coaxing voice): You know what, I have a brownie so nice.

Experience as person being violated
Kabir: So, Margaretha, as a person who is the recipient of this violation, what did you experience?
Margaretha: I wanted to leave but I couldn’t. I felt she was holding me; I felt something grabbing me, even like she needed me.
Kabir: Energetically what did you feel was happening between the two energy bodies?
Margaretha: I could really feel something like plugging into my belly and kind of holding me, so actually I could feel myself wanting to turn away from that grab. And I felt like there was some energy sucking on me.

Experience as person violating the other’s space
Kabir: Sonia, your experience.
Sonia: I felt like I really didn’t want her to leave and I felt myself really going after her; nearly like begging – you know like ‘don’t leave, just stay here a little bit longer’.
Kabir: And you wanted something from her, so what did you experience yourself doing in that wanting?
Sonia: I experienced that I wanted my … my belly reached out to her and it was really like, yeah, I wanted to bond and get to her and keep her here, like really … I was sucking on her.
Kabir: ...get something from her.
Sonia: yes, I wanted to get something from her from my belly.
Margaretha: And actually, what I felt was, I was getting resentful because I needed to leave but I also didn’t want to hurt you but I felt I could not, you know, which made me angry underneath.