2.9 Three Quick-Fix-Exercises: Dusting unhealthy Energies quickly

It’s great if you can take the time to clear your field. But realistically, you can’t always get a private moment to do this. So here are some ways you can inconspicuously clear yourself when you’re with others.

1. The Forward Stretch:
Put your hands in front of your chest at roughly the heart level. Turn the palms facing outwards. Then push outwards as if you are stretching. When the hands have reached full extension towards the front, then sweep them out towards the sides. You can do this a few time in a row and no one will notice.

2. Your powerful Mind:
Though your hands are powerful in guiding energy, just your thinking alone can accomplish the same. Remember, Energy follows awareness; by visualizing energy moving, energy moves. Imagine your hands clearing your field. Just as if you were using them, do it just in your imagination.

3. Breathing moves Energy:
In India they developed breathing into a powerful science called Pranayama. One of the simplest of breathing techniques is one you do naturally; take a deep breath. As you do, let your awareness focus on the life force (Chi or Prana) that comes in through the air. See this filling you from the inside and expanding outwards to push out the stuff that’s clouding you. Then, let your exhale be a bit stronger than normal, kind of a sharp, strong, fast exhale. As you do this, see the stuff being blown away from your field.